A Prayer Before One’s Aliyah to the Torah

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A Prayer Before One’s Aliyah to the Torah

This post presents an original prayer which was written by Rabbi Jill Hammer to be recited by an individual or community at the time that the Torah is lifted or before one’s own personal aliyah. Although she wrote this blessing specifically for the holiday of Simchat Torah, as can be seen in the full article, it can be recited at any time of year. Rabbi Jill Hammer, an author, teacher, mystic and poet, shared this ritual on Ritualwell, a project of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College that provides a platform for creating new Jewish practices.

Prayer for Before Aliyah

Makor hachayim, bechol shanah veshanah ata noteh banu etz chayim chadash. Yehi ratzon milifanecha shehashanah midrasheinu yifr’chu chesed ve’lo achzarut, chochmah velo k’silut, tevunah velo kalut rosh. Lamdeinu Torat chesed she’taachilenu bayamim haba’im uvechol sha’ah. Amen.

Source of Life, every year you plant within us a new tree of life. May it be your will that this year our interpretations will blossom forth kindness and not cruelty, wisdom and not foolishness, awareness and not thoughtlessness. May you teach us a Torah of love that will nourish us in the coming days at every hour. Amen.

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