The Sabbath Queen: A Poem by Hayim Nahman Bialik

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The Sabbath Queen: A Poem by Hayim Nahman Bialik

This post presents the Hebrew, English and transliterated text of “Sabbath Queen,” a poem by Israel’s national poet, Hayim Nahman Bialik, about welcoming Shabbat. This poem is included in many alternative Kabbalat Shabbat services in Israel and abroad. There is also an audio recording of a musical version of the Hebrew poem from the Zemirot Database

Sabbath Queen

The sun on the tree-tops​ no longer is seen,
Come,​ gather to welcome the Sabbath, our Queen.
Behol​d her descendin​g, the holy, the blest.
With angels-a cohort of peace and of rest.
Draw nigh, O Queen, and here abide
Draw nigh, draw nigh, O Sabbath bride.
Peace​ also to you, Ye angels of peace!

We’ve​ welcomed the Sabbath with song and with prayer;
And home we return, our heart’s gladness to share.
The table is set and the candles are lit,
The tiniest corner for Sabbath made fit.
O day of blessing,​ day of rest!
Sweet​ day of peace be ever blest!
Bring​ ye also peace, Ye angels of peace!

Trans​lation by A. Irma Cohon in Song and Praise for the Sabbath Eve, arranged by Israel Goldfarb and Israel Levinthal​, copyright​ 1920, now in the public domain.

שבת המלכה

החמה מראש האילנות נסתלקה
באו ונצא לקראת שבת המלכה
הנה היא יורדת הקדושה הברוכה
ועמה מלאכים צבא שלום ומנוחה
באי באי המלכה
באי באי הכלה

שלום אליכם, מלאכי השלום!

קיבלנו פני שבת ברננה ותפילה
הביתה נשובה, בלב מלא גילה
שם ערוך השולחן, הנרות יאירו
כל-פינות הבית יזרחו, יזהירו
שבת שלום וברכה
שבת שלום ומנוחה

בואכם לשלום, מלאכי השלום!

Shabbat HaMalka

HaChama Mairosh HaElanot Nistalka,
Bo’ooh Vinetzeh
Likrat Shabbat Hamalka.
Hineh He Yaredet, Hakdoshah Haberuchah, ViEmah Malachim, tzvah shalom Oominucha.
Boee Boee Hamalka, Boee Boee Hakalah

Shalom Aleichem, malachei Hashalom!

Kibalnu pnei shabbat birnanah utfilah
Habaytah nashuvah blev maleh gilah
Shom aruch hashulchan, hanerot yairu,
Kol pinot habayit yizrachu, yazhiru.
Shabbat shalom uvracha, shabbat sholom umnucha.

Boachem leshalom, malachei hashalom!

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